Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mad Pony

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but all this bad weather has been keeping me from riding. Luckily last week I was able to go. My aunty's horse who I usually ride had gone lame but a girl who comes and mucks out for her has a pony and said I could ride it. First of all this Pony was HUGE and because I have never ridden it before was really excited. I soon learnt that this pony adored jumping as every time I went near a jump she started cantering but she was a very good jumper anyway. Although one jump I did she got a little overexcited and jumped way to early. This meant when I rose to go over the jump she was going down which then meant I had no other direction to go but down (and I landed on the floor). Funnily enough she didn't seen to notice and carried on trotting round the field with me running behind. I do hope I can ride her again as she did have a very funny but mad personality but maybe just stick to racing next time. 

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