Monday, 17 September 2012

What I must look like ...

what I must have looked like at Pony Club..

Blog 2

Hiya everyone,
Yesterday, when I went riding, as my cousins pony which I used to ride was sold I rode my aunty's horse which no one really rides often so the horse was really excited and was very eager to canter the whole time. I have to admit it was quite scary seeing I had to go from an under sized PONY to an overly sized HORSE. Being on a horse which was to big for you but closer to the right size then a very SMALL pony made jumping a lot easier but a little bit scarier seen as you went much higher in the air but I did go the highest I had ever jumped on her. Quite often I went a little out of control and cantered in crazy and silly directions but seeing as the horse is quite a well behaved horse she soon responded and went back into place. I hope soon a horse might be on for loan so I can rent it for a few months otherwise riding my have to get a lot harder.

Thanks for reading 
Till next time -A

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My First Blog

Welcome to 'Pony Club Pickings'
this is a blog about my riding life and the things I do to go riding. I can really only go riding because my cousin who is five years younger then me likes it and can get me and my little sister into pony club. This means  have to do some mortifying things just to go riding. This summer to go riding I had to ride the pony he rode last year which was very embarrassing and I had quite a few pony club Pickings! Seeing as it was so small, there was nothing to hold on to so I fell off quite a lot when we went show jumping. I was also the oldest in my group because I've only been riding for a year and these children have been riding since they were 3 or 4, Again very embarrassing seeing I was one of the worst in the group. I am tall anyway (which did NOT help) and was on a very small pony and everyone else were quite small for their ages and were on very big pony's. They probably thought I was very weird, which made winning them over a challenge! Which will be even harder next summer because my cousins old pony was just sold.
I hope you will enjoy this Blog and trust me there will be quite a few more crazy stories of what I have to do go riding.

Till next time - Aggie