Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hacking in the rain.

Hi all,
On sunday, I went for hack with my little sister in the forest. Sounds fun, well it's not, especially when your on a huge horse under low trees. I was so high up that I had to lean down basically the whole time. You see, one time when I leant down I thought a tree had finished so I popped my head up  but actually there was another tree right in front but I didn't see it because it was pouring down with rain. As I moved my head up rather quickly I hit my nose very hard on a branch doing this I put my head backwards in pain quite which I then hit my head AGAIN on a branch behind me and my hat feel off. I then out my hands up to my nose seeing as it REALLY hurt forgetting I'd dropped my reins which meant my horse kept trotting. Seeing as I was further ahead from my little sister because a big Horse is much faster then a Small pony when trotting I had to get off my horse. Tie her to the tree and put my muddy hat on my head which covered was very very muddy. When we got back we went in to the menage to do some jumping. After a while when we had put the jumps quite high I went to go over it but my foot slipped from the stirrup and I fell forwards onto my horses neck. I'm sure she was in a lot of pain when I decided I couldn't get back onto  the saddle. After a lot of struggling I went back and she jumped it again beautifully even though my nose and head still hurt. A LOT.

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