Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Each person in the horse hunt has to take it in turn to hold the hunting at their house. The other day it was my aunty's turn so we went to help. How ever one of my dogs is some sort of bread as a hound and got really excited when she saw them and ranaway with them. We didn't see her till at the end of the hunt the owner of the billions of dogs brought her back (quite angrily) but she seemed to have enjoyed her self.  We were supposed to help people around the land but to be honest I think we sent them all in different directions leading them all to get lost ..... Well anyway when they got back (eventually) they all had had a good time but were really cold and tired. Although my seven year old cousin had not enjoyed himself and had been crying the whole way! It was a really enjoyable experience and hopefully next time I can ride.

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