Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hi again,
Sorry I haven't posted for ages but seen as the weather is very rainy in England and as you know rain and me riding don't go very well I haven't had the chance to go riding again. So I've decided to talk about my general thoughts and tips of riding. I love cross country riding because it gives you more space to go WILD but dressage really isn't my favourite because I of all people am a very messy, un tidy and forgetful person (I do try not to be) which means I forget a lot of the sequences you have to do and usually make a few mistakes. I've only been to one Dressage rest before and I came 6th out of 8 because everyone else was fabulous and the two which came below me had one girl on the naughtiest and stubborn pony I've ever seen and the other I must admit was a little wimpy and fell of and refused to get back on. I however came 6th because I stupidly fell of but I didn't come last because I carried on. I still probably was the worst rider but I don't really care as it was ages ago. So if you ever do do dressage I advise you to make sure you know the sequence first.

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