Monday, 17 September 2012

Blog 2

Hiya everyone,
Yesterday, when I went riding, as my cousins pony which I used to ride was sold I rode my aunty's horse which no one really rides often so the horse was really excited and was very eager to canter the whole time. I have to admit it was quite scary seeing I had to go from an under sized PONY to an overly sized HORSE. Being on a horse which was to big for you but closer to the right size then a very SMALL pony made jumping a lot easier but a little bit scarier seen as you went much higher in the air but I did go the highest I had ever jumped on her. Quite often I went a little out of control and cantered in crazy and silly directions but seeing as the horse is quite a well behaved horse she soon responded and went back into place. I hope soon a horse might be on for loan so I can rent it for a few months otherwise riding my have to get a lot harder.

Thanks for reading 
Till next time -A


  1. Well done - a nicely personal blog and good honesty about the fear of a massive horse - I sympathise. Keep us updated!